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Marcum's Private Label Products

Marcum's Nursery provides their own private label products that were either created by the Marcums or brought in to sell exclusively under the Marcum name. These particular products were chosen based on research and their proven results. We believe we provide our customers with the best products in the marketplace for central Oklahoma. We continue to perfect them based on our customer's needs and feedback. We are proud to have the following private label products in our inventory: 

B.R.'s Lawn Tonic 
This product is named after the founder of Marcum's Nursery, Billy Ray Marcum. This lawn tonic is great for spreading and kicking your grass off to a great start for the year. It contains the same elements as our 18-6-12 fertilizer, without the sulpher coated slow release nitrogen. Since its creation, our customers come back year after year for this product. This product covers an area up to 10,000 square feet.

Marcum's 18-6-12 Fertilizer 
Marcum's 18-6-12 fertilizer has a sulfur coated slow release nitrogen with 1% chelated iron and 6% sulfur, plus other valuable trace elements. A great fertilizer through the summer months to help grass keep its dark, deep green color. This covers 7,200 square feet.

Marcum's Nitro Green 31-0-0
Marcum's Nitro Green 31-0-0 has 25.77% Urea, 5.23 Ammonical Nitrogen for a fast green-up and a strong spurt of growth to get your yard back in shape for spring. This fertilizer has 12% sulfur which is great for areas with clay or alkaline soil. The sulfur helps break down the clay soil and helps extract the nutruients that already exist in your clay soil. The iron helps add the solid green
color even after mowing. This
product can cover an area up to
10,000 square feet.

Marcum's Grade A Cedar Mulch
Marcum's Grade A Cedar Mulch is double ground to suppress weed growth but includes only the bark.

Marcum's Twice Ground Cedar Mulch
Marcum's has their very own double ground Grade A Cedar Mulch! Its deep, dark brown chocolate color will beautify and enhance your landscaping and flower beds while it matts and stands up to our Oklahoma winds and rain. Our private label mulch has been shredded twice to perfection to help suppress weed growth and retain the right amount of moisture for Oklahoma landscaping and flowerbeds. 

Marcum's Potting Mix
Our mix is a blend of ingredients specifically designed for professional and homeowner use. This complete mix is ready to use right out of the 2.8 CU FT. bag and is an excellent growing mix for both indoor and out door plants.

Marcum's Premium Root Stimulator
Our Premium Root Stimulator is great for the newly planted flowers, shrubs, and trees. Aids in the development of fast root structure and vigorous plants. Reduces transplanting shock. 

Organic Redbud Compost
Our Redbud Compost, bagged exclusively for Marcum's Nursery, is an all organic soil amendment that has been properly processed and is 99% weed and seed free. It has a fresh, earthy smell and is ready to be applied directly to your plants, shrubs and trees. This proprietary blend contains humus which assists in soil
aggregation, making nutrients more available for plant uptake.
Live microbes bring this finished compost alive for extremely
happy plants, shrubs and trees! Let us share our customer's
Redbud Compost success stories.   



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