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Sedum - Cream & Green Carpet

  • Tough low growing evergreen succulent
  • Inch-long pale green leaves have a thin creamy-white margin
  • New growth is often upright and then lies down under the weight of the stems
  • Grows slightly more open and taller in the shade
  • Small bright yellow starburst flowers appear in short tight cymes just above the foliage in early summer


Evergreen, Succulent

Botanical: Sedum lineare Variegatum
Genus: Sedum
Flower Color: Bright Yellow
Type: Succulent
Mature Height: 6"
Mature Width: 2' or more
Special Features:
Moisture Tolerance:
Attracts Wildlife:
Appropriate Setting:
Growth Rate:
Flowering Season:
Foliage Color
Sun Exposure

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