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Rose - Hybrid Tea - Peace

When the whole world was looking hopefully to the future, along came the rose to set standards for all other roses for the remainder of this century. Even non-rosarians know Peace by its huge opulent blossoms, its delicious blend of colors, its very large glossy green foliage, and easy-to-grow plant. Photo and descriptor provided by Weeks Roses. 


Flowers For Cutting, Flowering, Hybrid Tea, Mild Fragrance, Bushy

Genus: ~ Any
Flower Color: Yellow Edged In Pink
Type: Rose - Hybrid Tea
Mature Height: Medium
Mature Width:
Special Features:
Moisture Tolerance: Ample water, Prefers well drained soil
Attracts Wildlife:
Appropriate Setting:
Growth Rate:
Flowering Season:
Foliage Color Glossy Green
Sun Exposure Full Sun

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