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Rose - Miniature - Diamond Eyes

Mysteriously novel black-purple...that alone draws the eye. But wait until you get a whiff of the strong clove spice perfume. That's a killer combo that will seduce even the large rose lovers to try this little gem. Her sparkling white 'eye' lights up each velvety blossom, making the unique color illuminate against the background of glossy green leaves. Tucks easily into any landscape...but also makes a striking conversation piece in a decorative pot or as an 18" tree. Photo and descriptor provided by Weeks Roses. 


Flowering, Strong Fragrance, Bushy, Upright To Somewhat Rounded

Genus: ~ Any
Flower Color: Black-Purple with a white eye zone
Type: Rose - Miniature
Mature Height: Medium
Mature Width:
Special Features: Disease Resistance
Moisture Tolerance: Ample water, Prefers well drained soil
Attracts Wildlife:
Appropriate Setting:
Growth Rate:
Flowering Season: Spring Through Fall
Foliage Color Glossy Green
Sun Exposure Full Sun

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