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Cranesbill - Black-Eyed Magenta

Dainty, brilliant magenta flowers marked with black centers above lacy, dark green foliage. Red foliage in fall on this outstanding, long blooming addition to borders or rock gardens. As a groundcover, space plants 2' to 3' apart, (closer for faster coverage).  


Perennial, Herbaceous

Botanical: Geranium cinereum var. subcaulescens
Genus: Geranium
Flower Color: Magenta
Type: Perennial - Herbaceous
Mature Height: 6" - 8"
Mature Width: 12" - 15"
Zone(s): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Special Features: Long Blooming
Moisture Tolerance: Moderate watering
Attracts Wildlife:
Appropriate Setting: Border, Rock Garden
Growth Rate:
Flowering Season: Late Spring Through Summer
Foliage Color Dark Green, Fall Color: Red
Sun Exposure Partial To Full Sun

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