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Rose - Miniature - Whimsy

This kid will grab your attention with its super bushy full habit that cranks out flowers with no lack of restraint. Each flower is different...painted and splashed hot pink on creamy white. Good enough to hit the show table and pretty enough to pluck for a boutonniere. Definite landscape material for even the most restricted garden space. Photo and descriptor by Weeks Roses. 


Flowers For Cutting, Sllightly Fragrant, Rounded Growth Habit, Bushy

Genus: ~ Any
Flower Color: Creamy White
Type: Rose - Miniature
Mature Height: Medium to medium-large
Mature Width:
Special Features: Disease Resistance, Unique Color
Moisture Tolerance: Ample water, Prefers well drained soil
Attracts Wildlife:
Appropriate Setting:
Growth Rate:
Flowering Season:
Foliage Color Bright Green
Sun Exposure Full Sun

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