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Cherry - Weeping - Snow Fountain

Marcum's Nursery considers the 'Snow Fountain' Weeping Cherry a specimen tree with year-round interest. Its snow-white single blooms provide a spectacular sight  in early spring. Lush, dark green leaves become golden orange in the fall. Because it's heat and drought tolerant, it's an excellent choice for Oklahoma landscaping. This beauty is an excellent choice for a small yard tree as well as for Japanese gardens.    


Deciduous, Flowering Tree

Botanical: Prunus X Snofozam
Genus: Prunus
Flower Color: Snowy White
Type: Trees - Deciduous
Mature Height: 12' - 15'
Mature Width: 15' - 20'
Zone(s): 5, 6, 7, 8
Special Features: Fall Color, Showy Flowers, Weeping
Moisture Tolerance: Needs regular watering
Attracts Wildlife:
Appropriate Setting: Container
Growth Rate: Slow
Flowering Season: Spring
Foliage Color Dark Green, Fall Color: Golden Orange
Sun Exposure Full Sun

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