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Euonymus - Chollipo

This dense evergreen shrub with its bright green and yellow tipped color variegation makes a great hedge or privacy screen. Its tightly branched growth habit allows easy shaping to create a tidy, neat appearance. Prune in the spring after flowering.     


Evergreen, Oklahoma Proven

Botanical: Euonymus japonicus Chollipo
Genus: Euonymus
Flower Color: Not Applicable
Type: Shrub - Evergreen
Mature Height: 12'
Mature Width: 6'
Zone(s): 7
Special Features: Disease Resistance, Dramatic Foliage Color, Tolerates Wide Range Of Soil Types, Year-Round Interest
Moisture Tolerance: Occasional watering, once established
Attracts Wildlife:
Appropriate Setting: Adaptable Soil Conditions, Courtyard, Hedge/Wind Break/Privacy Screen
Growth Rate: Fast
Flowering Season: Insignificant, Spring To Early Summer
Foliage Color Golden-Green , Variegated
Sun Exposure

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