Annuals & Perennials


Our greenhouses are bursting at the seams with color!

From tall and dramatic to low and natural, we have many annuals and perennials to add colorful additions to your home landscape.


Annuals are plants that grow for just one season. They are typically flowering plants that add pops of color and therefore serve as the pillars of an ornamental flower garden.

They are easy to grow and require little care aside from regular watering and fertilization. Plant a few (or many) of these hard workers in your garden and containers for brilliant color and interesting flowers that last the entire growing season.

Next year, you can change the look of your entire landscape simply by experimenting with different annuals, or you can always go with something tried and true!


Perennials serve as the foundation plants for many flower gardens. Unlike annuals, these hardy plants come back year after year. They will produce blooms for a few weeks during the warmer months, and then provide foliage until they go to sleep for the winter.

While perennials are low maintenance, they do benefit from occasional division to keep them healthy and in the best shape.

Ask a Marcum’s associate at either of our locations for suggestions on which perennials might best suit your location!

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