Fundraising FAQ

How long is a fundraiser pre-sale period?

Most fundriaser pre-sale periods are set for a two week timespan. The pre-sale timeline is a predetermined agreement between the fundraiser organization and Marcum’s Nursery based on the organization’s financial goals and by Marcum’s fundraiser product availabilty.

When does spring fundraising begin?

The spring pre-sale period begins in January and ends in early April.

When does fall fundraising begin?

Fall fundraising begins mid-August and concludes in early October.

When does holiday fundraising begin?

Holiday fundraising begins in mid-October and concludes in early December.

What products are offered for year-round fundraising?

Marcum’s Nursery gift card fundraising is available to organization’s year-round.

I changed my mind about my order can I change or cancel my purchase?

If a fundraiser supporter would like to return or alter their order they are welcome to do so by contacting the Marcum’s Nursery fundraising coordinator. All returns and exchanges must be made during the designated selling period. Once a fundraiser sale closes all sales are final. 

Can I pay for fundraiser items with cash or check?

If a supporter would prefer to pay for thier fundraiser items via cash or check they are welcome to do so by stopping by a Marcum’s Nursery location. All cash and check fundriaser purchases must be madee during the designated selling period.

Which locations are available for fundraiser item pick up?


When can I pick up my fundraiser order?

Once a fundriaser pre-sale has concluded during a designated timeframe fundraiser supporters will have one week to pick up their items. Order pick up dates are preset prior to a sale. During order pick up week, supporters are welcome to come by and retreve thier items at any time during hours of operation.

I missed the pick up window. Can I pick my order up late?

If a fundraiser supporter attempts to pick up after the window has closed Marcum’s Nursery will do their best to fill the order. However, as many fundraising products are seasonal live goods Marcum’s Nursery cannot guarantee these items after the pick up period has concluded.

Can someone else pick up my fundraiser order?

If a supporter is unable to pick up their order during the designated timeframe, they are welcome to share their order confirmation email with someone else who is able to pick up the order on their behalf.

Can I pick my fundraiser order up early?

Fundraiser orders may not be picked up until the pick up window has opened. A lot of times these products are not yet ready or are not physically on site until the designated pick up date.