JANUARY Guidelines

  • It’s a great time to make sure all lawn equipment and gardening tools are sharpened and in good condition as spring is around the corner.
  • Replace worn or broken parts on your irrigation system.
  • Plant your container and Ball and Burlap (B &B) trees.
  • Pre-emerge with Hi-Yield Turf & Ornamental Weed and Grass Stopper (a summer annual herbicide), ferti-lome For All Seasons II, Surflan without Nitrogen, or ferti-lome Broadleaf Weed Control with Gallery to turf areas through mid-March to prevent summer such as crabgrass from germinating.
  • Post-emerge to help control winter weeds.  Apply Hi-Yield Killzall as well as ferti-lome Weed Free Zone on dormant bermuda when temperatures are above 50 degrees.
  • When temperatures are over 40 degrees, apply our Hi-Yield Dormant Oil Spray to your deciduous trees and shrubs to control overwintering insects.  NEVER use dormant oil on evergreen trees or shrubs.
  • November through February are the recommended months to apply ferti-lome Tree & Systemic Insect Drench to your young pines for tip borers.
  • Check protected beds, raised planters and under eaves for moisture levels.
  • Watering your lawn, trees and shrubs is recommended anytime precipitation has been minimal, especially for evergreens.
  • Quick Tip: Average rainfall in January is 1.28 inches.
  • Quick Tip: Applying one to two inches of mulch will insulate and hold moisture for all trees and shrubs.
  • If soil is dry, irrigate all plantings, especially broadleaf evergreens and conifers, at least 24 hours before hard-freezing weather.

Note: Thanks to Oklahoma Coop Extension Service for providing some of the suggested maintenance guidelines. Recommended products suggested by Marcum’s may be purchased at all store locations. For questions regarding January maintenance guidelines, please call Goldsby 405 288-2368, Oklahoma City 405 691-9100, Norman 405 447-3100 or Ardmore 580 223-1846.