All About Shrubs

Shrubs play many important roles in landscaping.  They can serve functional purposes such as creating privacy, providing windbreaks, defining boundaries, preventing soil erosion, and screening unsightly views.  They can also serve as ornamental features in the garden by producing beautiful flowers or interesting foliage.

Shrubs are like trees in that they are woody and perennial (meaning they come back for several years).  Shrubs are unlike trees in that they are generally characterized by multiple stems rather than a single, dominant trunk.  They usually reach smaller mature heights compared to trees as well (generally shrubs range from a few feet up to no more than 15 feet).  Shrubs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, forms, and colors.  One of the first considerations when choosing a shrub to meet your needs is whether it is deciduous or evergreen; deciduous shrubs lose their leaves in the winter while evergreen shrubs retain leaves throughout the year.

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