Summerific® Week

How about a round of applause for Proven Winners Summerific® Hibiscus Week from August 1st through August 7th!?
Just about the time many flowering perennials have taken their final bow, Summerific® Hibiscus is just taking the stage!  Sit back and enjoy as their massive dinner plate size blooms steal the show.

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Don’t forget we’re doing a sizzlin’ summer giveaway in honor of Summerific® Week! If you win, you’ll take home a Proven Winners Summerific® Hardy Hibiscus! Winner announced on August 8th.

Summerific® Week Social Media Giveaway Rules:

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2. Post a picture of a hardy hibiscus in your garden and tag us for an extra entry
3. Get creative and have fun!

Unlike older perennial hibiscus varieties that just bloomed on top, the Summerific® series produces buds all along the stems.  As a result, the Summerific®Hibiscus series produces flowers nearly three times longer than older varieties too. Bigger, better, more bountiful blooms?!?  Bravo!  Don’t let the tropical island-like blooms deceive you either…. Summerific® Hibiscus varieties are hardy all the way down to zone 4, so you will get to enjoy this flower show year after year!  Encore!

The below featured Summerific® Hibiscus represent Marcum’s Nursery’s current inventory as of 8/1. Please give us a call for quantities. First come, first served. 


‘Candy Crush’


Swipe Up! Swipe Right!

This columnar variety is one of the tallest and tidiest available, a perfect match for ‘Cranberry Crush’ in the landscape.


‘Cranberry Crush’


The first and longest member in the series.

Perhaps the definition of an oldie but a goodie, ‘Cranberry Crush’ changed expectations for Hibiscus with a sturdy habit and extended season of flowering.


‘French Vanilla’


Say Hello to the Gold Standard in Yellow.

Not as common a color in Perennial Hibiscus as Tropical and Shrubs, ‘French Vanilla’ represents a huge step forward in color longevity and landscape performance of yellow Hibiscus.


‘Berry Awesome’


It’s Not Awesome, It’s Berry Awesome.

This collection all star was the National Perennial of the Year™ in 2019 and will always be one of our favorites.


‘Perfect Storm’


Dark Leaves and Bright Flowers.

At just 3′ tall this is the shortest member of the collection. ‘Perfect Storm’ pairs dark, near black foliage with blended pink and white flowers.


‘Holy Grail’


It’s Not Called ‘Holy Grail’ for Nothing.

One of the darkest combinations of flowers and foliage to date, with the best landscape performance you can find.

This graphic is intended for informational purposes only, and does not reflect our current inventory.