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Sage - Desperado(R)

This very popular drought tolerant plant features silvery gray-green foliage and lavender blossoms all summer. It has a broad growth habit reaching 6' in height. Performs best in well drained areas. Photo and descriptor provided by Greenleaf Nursery.  



Botanical: Leucophyllum frutescens Greado
Genus: Leucophyllum
Flower Color: Lavender
Type: Perennial
Mature Height: 6'
Mature Width:
Zone(s): 7, 8
Special Features:
Moisture Tolerance: Drought tolerant, Prefers well drained soil
Attracts Wildlife:
Appropriate Setting: Bed, Rock Garden
Growth Rate:
Flowering Season: Re-Blooming, Summer
Foliage Color Gray-Green
Sun Exposure Full Sun

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