ferti-lome® Rose & Flower Food Plus Systemic Fertilizer

ferti-lome® Rose & Flower Food with Systemic Insecticide

Contains .2% Imidacloprid   Absorbed by the root system carrying nutrients and insecticide to all parts of the plant. Micronutrients include Boron, Copper, Iron, Maganese and Zinc.  

Application Rate:

  • For Roses: Apply 2 oz. per plant
  • For Shrubs: Apply 4 oz. per foot of plant height
  • For Flower Beds: Apply 4 oz. per 12 sqft
  • Water in thoroughly 
  • Protects for up to 8 weeks   
  • Feed again at 30-day intervals throughout the growing season

Available in 4 lb and 15 lb bags.