The Essential Guide for August Lawn & Garden Maintenance


Check out our essential guide for August lawn & garden maintenance.  We have timely tips and expert advice to keep your lawn and gardens looking lush through one of Oklahoma’s hottest months.


  • Water young plantings well.  See our watering guide for details.
  • Expect some leaf fall, this is a normal reaction to drought.
  • For stressed trees and shrubs, use Marcum’s Root Stimulator and ferti-lome® Fish Emulsion Fertilizer.
  • Prune evergreens such as holly and boxwood.

Lawn Care

  • Apply one of Marcum’s Nursery exclusive fertilizers made for Oklahoma: Kelly Ray’s Fast Growing (46-0-0), Big Mont’s Nitro Green (31-0-0)BR’s Lawn Tonic (28-6-12)or The Original Slow Release (18-6-12) on Bermuda and Zoysia Grass if water is present for growth.
  •  Apply Hi-Yield® Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper Containing Dimension® or  ferti-lome® For All Seasons II Lawn Food Plus Crabgrass and Weed Preventer to prevent poa annua and annual blue grass seed from sprouting toward the end of the month.
  • Apply Hi-Yield® Grub Free Zone III beginning in May and reapply in August after June bugs (scarab beetles) have gone underground to prevent grubs and to control mole and vole populations.
  • Mowing heights for cool-season grasses should be 3″ during hot, dry summer months. Gradually raise the mower height on bermudagrass lawns from 1 1⁄2 to 2 inches.

It’s Time to Plant

  • Several crops can be started by seed this month; brussels sprouts, cauliflower, celery, collards, endive, kale, parsnip, peas, and rutabaga.
  • Plant a cover crop in bare spots in the vegetable garden.
  • Container perennials, shrubs, and trees can still be planted as long as they are supplied with adequate water.

Pest Patrol

  • Tent caterpillars and bagworms: If caterpillars are still feeding, apply ferti-lome® Caterpillar Spray with BT or ferti-lome® Spinosad, otherwise apply Hi-Yield® 55% Malathion Insect Spray.
  • The hotter and drier it gets, the larger the spider mite populations become! Spray plant foliage with ferti-lome® Spinosad, Cyonara™ Lawn & Garden Insect Control or Hi-Yield® 55% Malathion Spray.
  • Aphids on your Crape Myrtle shrubs or trees? If you notice a sticky substance on leaves, apply Hi-Yield® 55% Malathion Insect Spray or Cyonara™ Lawn & Garden Insect Control.

Note: Thanks to Oklahoma Coop Extension Service for providing some of the suggested maintenance guidelines.


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